Getting the Most out of Your AC This Summer

Air Conditioners may run year-round in Southwest Florida, but most systems go into overdrive in the hot, humid summer months. It’s time to give your cooling system a little TLC, and the team at Best Home Services is ready to assist.

AC ServiceFamily Business

Brothers Dave McClanahan and Adam McClanahan are a new part of that team. They got their start in the air conditioning field while living in Virginia. Dave says, “My first job was in the heating and cooling business right out of high school.”

Adam followed in his big brother’s career footsteps saying, “I started helping in new construction, then took classes. I love seeing the smiles on customers’ faces when they are nice and cool.”

The brothers have a few tips on how to stay cool while managing your energy use this summer. The most important thing, hands down, is regular maintenance. Adam says, “It’s like going to the dentist or changing the oil in your car. It’s something you want to do on a regular basis, every 6 months.”

Customer Service

When Best Home Services technicians show up for maintenance calls, customer service is a top priority. Dave says, “We give five-star service. After we knock on the door, we step back so the homeowner doesn’t feel invaded or pressured. We treat all customers like friends, and we become friends at the end of the day.”

They literally roll out a red carpet and put on shoe booties while working. Communication is important, so homeowners are fully briefed on the service in both the beginning and end.

Customer Service

Homeowner Responsibilities

In between scheduled maintenance, the McClanahan’s say it’s important that homeowners do a little ‘homework’ such as regularly changing air filters. The brothers recommend at least every three months, monthly if you have pets or allergies.

When facing down the variety of filters in the retail aisle, Dave says, “Everyone has their own opinion on which ones are best, but I say you don’t have to buy an expensive filter, cheap ones are fine and the pleated ones put more strain on your unit. Spend 1 to 3 dollars on a filter now and save thousands in repairs down the road.”

Adam also recommends the installation of UV lights to kill bacteria that can grow in your system. He says, “It’s wet and dark and stuff likes to grow in there, it’s a common thing. However, bacteria can cause health issues and allergies.”

And about that service agreement, he adds, “In Florida, air conditioning systems sometimes only last 8-10 years, so those maintenance agreements are pretty important.”

When it comes to setting your thermostat, extremes are not good according to the brothers. For instance, if you turn your thermostat up high when you leave for the day then turn it way down when you get home, your system has to run longer to get to the proper temperature. They recommend not exceeding a high of 78 degrees.

Perfect Fit

A family business like Best Home Services is a perfect fit for the McClanahans. Adam says, “My brother is a pleasure to work with. We don’t see each other every day, but we talk every day about the jobs and to see how things are going.”

Dave says about Best Home, “I like the way they treat customers, but even more so the employees. It doesn’t feel like work, they make it fun and allow you to create your own destiny. I came from out of town, but plan on retiring here.”

The Giveaway Project

When Best Home Services technician, Dave McClanahan, went on a call to the home of an elderly woman known as Ms. Marie, he says, “It was over 90 degrees in her home.” She was struggling on several levels and could not pay for a new AC. He says, “We come across a lot of people who need help, but there was something about her; I had to help.”

Dave called the technician who had seen Ms. Marie a few weeks earlier and they hatched a plan, personally calling Goodman Air Conditioning for a donation. Then they approached the managers and employees of Best Home.

Within minutes of sending out a text thread, Dave says, “It blew up and everyone in the company got involved.” They donated time, money, anything they could.

Zach Mersch, Brand Building Manager says, “One of the biggest core values that we instill in our employees is family. In everything we do, we treat others like a member of our family, and they took it to heart.”

The Giveaway Project

The volunteer project was not simple. They had to reposition the air handler and used the extra funds to pay for new ducts, hoses for her leaking water heater, and more. They even called in help from electric and plumbing friends so Ms. Marie would be safe and not have to worry about mounting home repairs.

Zach marvels, “These guys gave up their whole weekend and more to help her.” She has since become like an adopted Grandmother.

The project has done more than help a customer in need. Zach says, “It lit a spark in us, opened our eyes to start a new program to help our neighbors.” Best Home is currently working with vendors to partner in an ongoing program to help residents like Marie.

Dave says, “This is the best company I’ve ever worked for. They are helping the community. It’s a good feeling, helping another human being.”


Best Home Services

Best Home Services is a local, family owned and operated company that is focused on caring for their customers and the community. Their team relentlessly works to continuously improve their service in order to make Southwest Florida homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient-one job at a time!