Superior Care with a Faster Recovery

Dr. Peter Ameglio is creating a buzz in Southwest Florida amongst his patients, their families, friends, and physical therapists, for the remarkable recovery of his patients. The surgeon uses minimally invasive techniques for hip replacements and treating sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction. In fact, he is the only orthopedic surgeon in SWFL to perform both the SuperPATH® approach for total hip replacements, that he brought to our community nearly 2 years ago, as well as iFuse SI joint surgery to resolve pain below the belt.

SuperPATH Total Hip Replacement

SuperPATH is a revolutionary approach that was developed at New England Baptist Hospital in 2003 by Dr. Stephen Murphy. Dr. Ameglio was invited to observe Dr. Murphy during one of his studies where he witnessed first-hand that the SuperPATH technique resulted in less injury to the patient than hip replacements requiring hip dislocation and larger incisions.

In traditional hip replacements, a dislocation of the hip is required. This results in injury to the joint capsule and small muscle attachments of the hip. Following surgery with traditional approaches, the patient is instructed in hip precautions or certain positions that may cause joint dislocation.

The SuperPATH approach does not carry any of these restrictions because the joint is never dislocated in the first place. In addition, the capsule and muscles are not injured during surgery allowing for a faster recovery. This technique is not easier to perform for the surgeon but is significantly easier on the patient.

Leading Cause of Hip Pain

A leading cause of hip pain is arthritis. However, hip pain can also be a sign of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Both can present with similar symptoms such as groin pain and decreased hip range of motion. An example of this is a patient who has had a hip replacement, yet they continue to have pain. Dr. Ameglio became interested in SI joint dysfunction as he found patients with hip pain were often resolved with SI joint injections.

The symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis can mimic those of an arthritic hip, even though the hip is okay. Sacroiliitis can present with posterior hip pain, groin pain, thigh pain, and pain radiating down the leg. Sacroiliitis is a diagnosis that can fall between the cracks leaving patients in chronic pain and on an exhaustive search for answers and relief. This includes patients who have had back surgery. Dr. Ameglio says, “Of the patients who have had a back fusion, 45% may have sacroiliitis. That’s a significant number that still have pain. I can help them now too.”

Non-Invasive Solutions to SI Joint Pain

When treating patients with pain below the belt, Dr. Ameglio first looks at an array of non-invasive solutions such as orthotics, physical therapy, and even chiropractic. If those don’t offer relief, injections are next. Surgery is always the last resort, but when it is needed, he is the only orthopedic surgeon in Southwest Florida performing iFuse SI joint surgery and SuperPath total hip replacements. In some cases, both are required to relieve chronic pain.

A typical SI joint fusion surgery involves a complicated mix of removing articular cartilage, bone grafting, screws and more. The SI-Bone technique that Dr. Ameglio uses, involves a mere 2-inch incision and three titanium implants. This procedure results in less pain, less downtime, and quicker healing for the patient.

Dr. Peter Ameglio Goes the Extra Mile

A physician dedicated to treating the whole person, not only does Dr. Ameglio use the most advanced surgical techniques, but he goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of his patients and finding a solution to their pain.

The surgeon considers it a privilege to care for others and welcomes the opportunity to help improve the quality of your life.

Dr. Peter Ameglio

Ameglio Orthopedics