Corinne Moscato

Best Home Service, Southwest Florida’s leading home service company providing exceptional air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing services to residents from Naples to Tampa for the last 39 years, is pleased to recognize Customer Service Lead Corinne Moscato and her nearly 3 years of dedicated service with the company.

Quick Promotion

Corinne joined the Best Home Services family in September of 2016 as a Customer Service Representative. She is no stranger to the rapid growth and development of Best Home Services in the Southwest Florida area. Shortly after starting, she was promoted to Maintenance Plan Coordinator. Two years later, she is now a Customer Service Team Lead.

Corinne Moscato

We asked Corinne to use one word to describe the company

She instantly replied “community”. “Keegan and Chadd have created a culture for both employees and customers that sets us apart from the rest,” Moscato stated. “They hold us to high standards, as we are a resource for Southwest Florida; and our customers deserve nothing less.”

Customer Service TipAs a Customer Service Leader, she is always looking for opportunities to improve the teams’ interactions and quality of service to live up to the company’s name. She says as soon as you call Best, you’re guaranteed to have your problem solved. Corinne states that the CSR team is the first point of contact for most consumers and it is imperative they provide a 5-star experience as soon as the phone starts ringing. “Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do.”

Coast to Coast

Corinne, who is originally from Northern California, moved to Cape Coral in August 2016 to be closer to her loved ones. “Even though I was coming from California, I wanted to move here for the weather and job opportunities,” Moscato said. “Moving to Southwest Florida was a blessing,” recalledCorinne Moscato and Family Corrine. “I found Best Home Services and I love it! I won’t be leaving here anytime soon,” she joked.

Corinne is in a committed relationship with her lifelong partner Cheyenne. Corinne has a handsome baby boy, Dominic, who recently celebrated his first birthday. Outside of the office Corinne enjoys a good book and cherishes quality time spent with family and friends.


Best Home Services

Best Home Services is a local, family owned and operated company that is focused on caring for their customers and the community. Their team relentlessly works to continuously improve their service in order to make Southwest Florida homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient-one job at a time!