Best Home Services Employee Spotlight: Noah Fura

Best Home Services, Southwest Florida’s leading home ser vice company providing exceptional air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing services to residents from Naples to Bradenton for the last 38 years, is pleased to recognize electrical techni­cian Noah Fura and his 5 years of service with the company.

Noah became a part of the Best Home Services family in December of 2012. Noah has seen and been a part of the rapid growth and devel­opment of Best Home Services in the Southwest Florida area. He feels that the word “advantaged” is the best way to describe the company. “We are there when others are not,” he says, and “we have become ubiquitous in the Southwest Florida area”. Noah also feels that “the owners share a thought process of achieving [the] pinnacle [of] respect [and] congruity,” stating that what they’ve built is a company that you can rely on- whether you are a customer or an employee.

We asked Noah, as an electrician, what advice he has for homeowners in Southwest Florida. Noah stressed the importance of LED lighting within the home. He says that LED lights are not only much more energy efficient (they use up to 75% less energy than incan­descent, according to the Department of Energy), but they are also safer to use. LED lighting emits very little heat. You may remember accidentally touching a lightbulb in a lamp that had been on for a while – it got very hot! With LEDs, you need not worry about small children touching burning hot bulbs. Being a new father himself, Noah is a firm believer in LEDs for his home.

Not only are LEDs safer and more efficient, they also are more visually pleasing. The light does not flicker like many incandescent bulbs do, and it is often a truer white light. LEDs also last up to 25 times longer than your regular bulbs, according to the Department of Energy. Consider using LED lights when decorating your home around Christmas. It will save you money and reduce your risk for fires. Also, since LEDs aren’t made of glass, you’ll find it much harder to break a bulb!

Noah is happily married to his wife, Erica, with whom he just celebrated his 11-year anniversary. Together they have a son and daughter, aged 2 and 6. Originally hailing from New York, Noah moved to the Southwest Florida area in 2009 and continues to call it home. Noah is a dedicated employee and spends much of his time ensuring all of his customers are treated like family and taken care of. When he is not working, the new father is at home, spending time with his family and “enjoying the splendid nature of young children”.

Best Home Services is a local, family owned and operated company that is focused on caring for their customers and the community. Their team relent­lessly works to continuously improve their service in order to make Southwest Florida homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient-one job at a time!

To learn more about Best Home Services’ story and their Best Home Services Guarantee, please visit their website at: or (239) 217-1698