Best Home Services Recognized by Governor Rick Scott

best home services recognized by governor rick scott

When Chadd and Keegan Hodges purchased Best Home Services from their parents back in 2010 the company only offered electrical services and had fewer than ten employees.

Things have certainly changed a bit since then.

Today, the company entrusts 145 employees to service all of their customer’s air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing needs stretching from Marco Island to Bradenton. They also just opened a new 40,000 square foot headquarters in Naples and are poised to add an additional 80 positions this year.

All of the growth and success has certainly not gone unnoticed. In fact, Florida Governor and Naples resident Rick Scott recently visited Best Home Services to recognize their accomplishments and to present co-owners Chadd and Keegan with the Business Ambassador Award. The award spotlights their tremendous growth and the opportunity they are creating for Florida families.

In Florida, we understand how important companies like Best Home Services are to creating new opportunities for our families,” Governor Scott said.

“It is great to see so many people pursuing the American Dream in Southwest Florida thanks to the job they have with this great company. Just like Florida, Best Home Services is a true melting pot and has employees from nine countries, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. I look forward to seeing Best Home Services’ continued success right here in Florida.”

Both Chadd and Keegan are quick to point out that their company culture and relentless commitment to their employees and customers are what gives Best Home Services their edge in the industry. And they understand that it’s the entire team that is deserving of the special recognition award.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by Governor Scott and the State of Florida,” both Chadd and Keegan proudly stated. “Our family owned company is proud to be a leading home service provider in Southwest Florida. We are excited to grow our company even more this year and are truly blessed to have such a great team to help us achieve that goal!”

In addition to highlighting the company’s remarkable growth, Governor Scott also acknowledged their community involvement and praised its customer service. They have been voted one of the best in customer service by Angie’s List and in several other publications and websites, and have been a recipient of the Carrier Presidential Award 6 years in a row. Best Home gives back to the community by regularly investing in charitable organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Midwest Food Bank, Liberty Youth Ranch and the Special Olympics.

With their red-white-and-blue service vehicles traversing Southwest Florida roads featuring a shielded super hero charging forward, Best Home Services is poised to make an even greater impact in their industry in 2017. They currently have 11,000 customers with maintenance contracts and its technicians are expected to visit about 30,000 customers a year. More than 80 percent of their business comes

from satisfied repeat customers.

Their continued growth and success of the company boils down to the simple facts. “Our growth is a 

testament to the great people we have working here,” Chadd states. Keegan adds, “I think it’s our culture. Everybody is just driven so it creates a culture of growth.”

Best Home Services has been making Florida homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient one job at a time ever since 1980. To learn more about how this 37-year-old company can help you with any concerns regarding your air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, or draining needs please visit their website at