Bradley’s Jewelers – Pulling it all Together

For over fifteen years, Bradley’s Jewelers has been designing, dazzling and warming the hearts of SWFL’s clients like Lynn Brewer.

Brewer moved to the area full time, more than twenty years ago. She remembers “I was looking for a jeweler for both repairs and to shop. I found the same merchandise everywhere I went and noticed a lack of care.”

She calls finding Bradley’s a “fluke” saying, “Brad & Colbi make you feel like family the minute you walk through the door!”

Since that day, Brewer has been a loyal customer, purchasing beautiful jewelry, custom pieces, and repairing things she had already invested in. She says gratefully, “They can repair Rolex which not everyone can do and when they do spruce up work they do an awesome job and don’t give it back until it’s immaculate.”

After Brewer retired here from Indiana, she didn’t let that slow her down. She not only founded her company Platinum PEO Resources, working with workers comp, human resources and payroll. She went on to become President of the SWFL Coalition for Human Trafficking.

Giving back is important to her and she admires similar attributes in Brad & Colbi.

With their superior selection of jewelry, high standard of ethics and three decades of experience, Lynn says. “They have a knack. They can look at you and pick something that fits you….something you just can’t live without.”

This dynamic entrepreneur says jewelry simply makes her feel good, adding, “No matter what you’re doing, horseback riding or attending a summit meeting, you are not completely dressed unless you have something that makes you feel good like jewelry. When dressed with jewelry from Bradley’s it feels like I’m complete!”