Can Cannabis Heal?

As lawmakers in Tallahassee hammer out the final details on how medical marijuana is dispensed in Florida, one local doctor has already integrated the herb into his practice. Dr. Gregory Sonn, founder of Iona Health and Wellness, has been able to prescribe a non-euphoric strain of cannabis since it became legal in 2014.

Growing up in Fort Myers, the Cypress Lake High alumni practiced medicine in Fort Lauderdale before moving back home some ten years ago to raise his family.

Specializing in palliative care Dr. Sonn says, “About two years ago I thought it was time for some life changes…so I decided to focus on anti aging, health and wellness.”

As an integrative physician, he treats the whole person, not just the disease. The doctor says, “I like to teach people how to change their lives for the better.”

Already using natural roots and herbs in his practice, cannabis fits right in, as Dr. Sonn explains, “It can be used to treat so many different types of symptoms and it has such a small side effect profile that it almost should be considered a first line treatment for multiple diseases.”

Many doctors prescribing medical marijuana are in the pain management field, and others are part of big corporations. Dr. Sonn, however, has extensive medical experience, vast knowledge behind the science of medical marijuana, and a focus on the overall wellness of a patient.

Add to the formula that his commitment to community dates back to his childhood and Dr. Sonn becomes a premier choice when exploring medical marijuana treatment options.