Caring For Patients From The Inside Out

Great business ideas are most often rooted in seeing and meeting a need. That’s how Premier MD Care was formed.

There are essentially two parts to this business and they work together hand in hand: a medical spa overseen by Dr. Ivan Cvik and a concierge medical service operated by his wife, Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik.

The doctors met while doing residency for internal medicine in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Jelin laughs, “He started off as my boss but that has since switched around.” After tying the knot nearly 20 years ago, the couple stayed in Ohio to practice medicine, but like many from the Midwest, often visited Southwest Florida on vacation.

In 2003, Dr. Jelin says, “We were tired of grey skies and long winters. We wanted a quiet life and a good community for the kids.” So they packed their bags and moved to Southwest Florida where Dr. Ivan opened an internal medicine practice and Dr. Jelin found a job in a more corporate healthcare setting.

As the years went by, Dr. Ivan became more and more interested in hormone therapy saying, “I was seeing a lot of people not feeling well despite everything we were doing. And for my female patients, there were no good options after menopause.”

He also saw a growing interest in patients wanting to lose weight in a healthful, medically supervised setting. Dr. Ivan studied internal medicine because, “As a physician I can help the whole person. I can take care of a wide variety of conditions.” And with the aging population of Southwest Florida, weight and hormones can be key to overall health–so his focus began to shift.

No synthetic hormones are used in his practice, as they tend to have unpleasant side effects. At Premier MD Care, they use bioidentical hormones obtained from natural sources (yams & soy) that closely mimic the hormones your body makes.  Natural hormones are much safer, have fewer side effects and are more beneficial long-term.  The small hormone pellets are inserted under the skin of the upper buttocks and are absorbed naturally by the body over time. Dr. Ivan says, “The hormone therapy generally last 6 months in men and 3-4 months in women.”

Hormone therapy is used to treat patients with a list of symptoms including hot flashes, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, depression, fatigue and more.

As her husband was transitioning his practice, Dr. Jelin was becoming disheartened with the direction traditional medicine was taking. She says, “Medicine was becoming an assembly line. The personal touch was gone and patients were frustrated; I was too.”

It was her time to make a change and as it happened, there was room in her husband’s office, so she took a leap of faith and established a concierge medical practice. Dr. Jelin limits the number of patients in her practice to ensure that she will have the time to provide exceptional care to the members of her practice.  Concierge patients pay a modest monthly fee for enhanced services.

Subscribing to this kind of medical care gives patients things they generally lack in other doctors’ office, such as personal care, face time with a professional who is not watching the clock, and direct access to a doctor, even after hours.

Quick attention to problems can make a big difference when someone is sick. For instance, an elderly patient isn’t feeling well and may have to wait a week to get an appointment with their physician. In that time, they could develop pneumonia and end up in the hospital.  A concierge doctor like Dr. Jelin can head those problems off at the pass.

She provides both virtual services and house calls, at a fraction of what some other concierge doctors charge, and insurance is accepted.

Working with her husband, she calls their two practices “synergistic” explaining, “We provide the full scope of services for patients, from internal medicine to the other (hormone, weight loss, cosmetic), they compliment each other.”

Cosmetic medicine is a natural progression for patients who are feeling better physically; that is where MedSpa22 comes into play. The medical spa, overseen by Dr. Ivan offers skin care, laser skin & laser hair removal and injectables such as Botox, Dysport and fillers.

Carrie Schuerfranz is Dr. Ivan’s cosmetic nurse injector and laser specialist. Having worked for plastic surgeons for twelve years she says, “I know the anatomy of the face. Everyone has unique features so I look at someone’s face, the contours, the texture of their skin and I create symmetry (with Botox and fillers). It’s like an art.”

Educating the patient is important to her and calming their anxiety is her forte.

Premier MD Care is both professional and welcoming. The husband and wife team have created a unique brand of caring for a person’s overall health and well-being.

When not working the doctor duo love to travel and love spending time with their three children.  Dr. Ivan was born in Slovakia while Dr. Jelin hails from India. She has mad skills in the kitchen and enjoys cooking various healthy cuisines. Though she grew up in Washington, D.C., Dr. Jelin is a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan.  Dr. Ivan has a talent for doing home renovations which he finds both relaxing and fulfilling.

Reflecting on their combined medical practice and what keeps them going every day Dr. Jelin says, “It may sound cliché, but at the end of the day it really is about helping people to feel good from the inside out”.


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