Celebrating Smiles at Dentistry from the Heart

Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

To think that our “Celebration of Smiles” all began five years ago!

This past May, Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry hosted our 5th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event. As soon as we were introduced to the story behind this local non-profit, we decided to take part in the organization.

Dentistry From the Heart was created in New Port Richey, Florida. It is an international charity solely dedicated to providing free dental care to those in need. Dr. Vincent J. Monticciolo is the man behind the charity, with his goal being to reach out to anyone in our community that’s in need of care but cannot afford it.

In following traditions of Dentistry From the Heart’s years past, our day consisted of very few dry eyes. Tears of nervousness, desperation and gratitude fell. This mixture of emotions overtook all that attended, as years’ worth of dental care was being provided and may not have been possible without this event.

Park Family and Cosmetic DentistryGuests arrived the night before to begin camping out for the free-care promised. Lining up as early as 10:00pm the night before provided early-comers a promised place in line when the event commenced at 6:00am. While they waited, they were awoken by the spices baked into the breakfast pastries, and odors of freshly brewed coffee provided by local donors. PFCD had initially promised to help 200 patients. Shortly after dawn, the line was capped as we hit our capacity. We knew we didn’t have the heart to continue turning people away, so we decided to increase our capacity to 250.

Sober homes, recovery programs and local community organizations car-pooled or shuttled any person in need of care. While the team at PFCD was joined by 117 volunteers, our relief grew as we each became stunned by their embodiment of PFCD’s patient-centric culture.

As the day continued with lots of paperwork and dental exams, the aromas lived on as hot dogs were grilled up for lunch with all of the necessary fixings. We exchanged warm embraces of love, and humble, tear-jerking, life-changing stories with all that attended. Contagious laughter rang out as we all posed for pictures and videos.

All in all, PFCD was able to provide over $88,000 worth of FREE dental care, in another true “Celebration of Smiles!”


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