Proper Prep Nets Nearly Free College Education

It might be summer and thoughts of the next school year far away, however, if you are a parent of a high school student now is the time to plan for your child’s college education.

College Admission 

The evening news has been punctuated as of late with stories of scandal, cheating, fraud and bribery in exchange for guaranteed admission into some of the nations most popular and respected colleges and universities.

The fields are competitive and spaces limited, making it increasingly difficult to get into some schools. Getting admission is step one; step two is paying the sometimes-exorbitant fees required.

Parents often plan for those fees by enrolling in savings plans including the Florida Pre-Paid Program, designed to help Florida families save money by locking in the future cost of attending the state’s public institutions.

However, some families struggle to contribute to pre-paid plans while others can’t afford it at all. Parents–don’t throw in the towel just yet. Take heart in the fact that if your child does a little preparation, the money might just be there, in the form of a Bright Futures Scholarship.

Bright Futures helps Florida students pay for college and vocational schools in the state. There is a list of requirements that include things such as ACT/SAT scores, GPA and service hours.

Bright Futures

Audrey and TimothyLiving Local publisher Audrey Ameglio got a late start in the Florida Pre-Paid Program saying, “I didn’t begin contributing until Timothy was in middle school. I knew I should have started earlier.  It was definitely a financial stretch starting so late, but knew it was worth securing the opportunity for a college education, realizing he still had to do his part to gain admission.”

When Timothy entered high school, ACT and SAT testing were mentioned, but she thought the scores only mattered when it came to college admission. She didn’t realize that high scores could also help pay for his education until she heard about Bright Futures.   

Timothy was a good student with a high GPA yet like many, he struggled with standardized tests. The results from his first ACT were not good so his mother sought help from a tutor recommended by school officials.

After several sessions and another poor test result, Timothy was completely discouraged. Audrey now knew that performing well on this test would not only gain him admission to college but could help secure much-needed money to pay for it as well. So she dug a little deeper and found Cammie McKenzie and her team of tutors at Learning in Motion Private Tutoring. It took some convincing, but Timothy agreed to give tutoring another try, this time with success. 

Learning In Motion Tutoring

He achieved the required composite ACT score and through Bright Futures, nearly all of his educational costs are covered. In addition, his mother did not lose the money invested in the college pre-paid fund. “It was such a blessing to receive a refund check in the mail for Timothy’s tuition.”

Audrey is very proud of her son’s determination.  She believes his commitment, along with the tutoring he received from Cammie and her team is what made it possible for Timothy to raise his test scores and secure a scholarship. “When I first spoke with Cammie, I could feel the love, passion and energy she had for helping students reach their goals,” says Audrey. “She was able to connect with Timothy at a difficult time when he was disappointed in his scores, encouraged him and provided him with the skills and tools he needed to succeed!”

Financial Assistance

Watching a child graduate from high school is a proud moment for parents. Unfortunately for many, it can also be filled with anxiety and fear with the thought of college debt looming. That financial fear may keep some parents and students from even considering higher education and trade schools.

Even for parents who’ve invested in the Florida Prepaid College Plan, supplemental funds may still be needed and they are not aware of the financial assistance that is available in the form of scholarships, free money for education. 

To get financial assistance, parents and students need to start preparations EARLY – in their junior year of high school. Statistics show those who do, have a much better chance of achieving the Bright Futures score requirements, and tutoring is an excellent way to start.

Even when a student’s first test score is low like Tim’s was, time and practice can make a significant difference! Call Learning in Motion Private Tutoring to see how they can assist your child in raising scores enough to open the door for a free college education.

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