Crafting Smiles at Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Boban Milentijevic says working at Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is more like going to a “dental resort” than work. “There are palm trees, water in the back, nice breezes between buildings, and everyone is so friendly and positive. It doesn’t feel like a typical office. ”

Milentijevic has extraordinary expertise as a lab technician at Park Family. He moved to Southwest Florida from New York in December with his wife and Park Family dentist, Dr. Ana Scopu, and their baby boy who is now one-year-old. He jokes, “We were a package deal.”

Milentijevic says when making the decision to join the team at Park Family, “We liked the environment. From the minute I walked in everybody was so friendly, positive and helpful. It felt good, like I was not a stranger.”

The technician is an expert at making crowns, in aesthetic work and in full mouth reconstruction. Besides the family atmosphere, he was also drawn to the hi-tech part of the Park Family practice. “The system they have is the latest, allowing me to work with a digital scan of the patient’s mouth and teeth for optimal results.”

The digital software allows him to come up with a near perfect tooth design for each patient. To up the ante, the crowns he makes are of porcelain. Milentijevic says, “It’s a good strong material that can withstand a lot of force. There is zirconium inside of them; no more cheap metal underneath.”

The technology and quality material gives patients a better fit. After the ceramic crown is milled with machinery, Milentijevic shapes, stains and polishes the tooth by hand. Surprisingly, this artful crafting of teeth actually takes less time than crowns made from lesser quality materials in most other dental offices. It is quite common for a patient to wait several weeks for their permanent crowns but at Park Family the turn around time can be as early as a week.

Originally from Serbia, Milentijevic was encouraged to get into dentistry by his wife, when they moved to New York. Seems like it was a good choice as he graduated first in his class when completing a master’s degree in full mouth reconstruction. “More than 80% of people have a collapsed bite so I really learned how to fix that. It is an expertise of mine.”

He is fierce about continuing education, studying with some of the top technologists in the field both in the US and abroad.

When it comes to crafting crowns Milentijevic says, “I like the art of it.” But that’s not all, “In the end, when everything works smoothly in the mouth and I see the patent’s whole face change, there’s this feeling of relief. They are happy and it feels really good to know I’ve done something good to improve their lives.”

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