Crowther Roofing | Keeping You Covered

Crowther Roofing | Keeping You Covered.

crowther roofing coverTo help residents pick out the perfect roof and to take care of their needs and expectations, Crowther now has a showroom on Metro Parkway in Fort Myers.

When the roofing company added an office in Sarasota, Callans left Chicago to run the division. Although he is not related by blood, he feels like part of the Crowther family and not just because it’s the culture of the company.

There was a softball field next to the roofing company in Chicago. It was the city championship and the Crowther team was playing a team Callan’s father was on. Callan recalls, “My Dad did hit a ball or did something to win the game.” When his mother stood up, her water broke.crowther-roofing-image2

Callans laughs, “I was almost born at Crowther so I didn’t have a chance from birth not to be involved.” It didn’t hurt that his father was also CFO of the company for some thirty years. At 79 years old, Lee J. Crowther is still chairman of the board and even though he’s retired from the day to day grind, he’s still involved and still likes to get his hands dirty when he is on the 25 acre Fort Myers Campus.

Now that we are in hurricane season, the company has its first responder hats out and is ready to go in case of an emergency. Crowther says, “We learned a lot from going through storms, most notably Charlie.”

If they don’ t hear f rom clients including hospitals, police and fire, Crowther says, “We have agreements, if you can’t call, we’ll come to you to assess your needs so you can still be a first responder.”

Crowther has giant generators on site and both a fixed and a mobile command center to help in the event of a natural disaster.

The growth of the roofing business has resulted in a natural progression of creating new divisions for support, keeping things in house and maintaining control over large projects. Crowther also has a commercial & residential AC division, where Chris Crowther, Lee’s son, is a superintendent in the HVAC division. Lee’s daughter, Nicole Crowther, also functions as the office manager in residential roofing. Other divisions include at tic ventilation systems, BioClean, light gauge metal trusses, lightweight insulating concrete, electrical and more.


Both men can’t give enough praise to the team they’ve built, the men and women in the field, in the office, the showroom, who carry on the company’s reputation and good name. Crowther says success would not be possible without them and the company’s mid-western business philosophy. He says, “We are proud of the company and so are the people who work here. We love what we do.”

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