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customizing care through compounding

Apothicare owners John and Jane compounding medicine

New Again

You’ve most likely heard the saying ‘everything old is new again’ and one might say the same is true for compounding. The original practice of formulating and preparing your medication is not just alive and well, it’s booming in Southwest Florida thanks to ApothiCare360.

Compounding is a lot like baking; every cake or cookie has a specific recipe. The same is true for medication; every prescription has a specific recipe of pharmaceutical and therapeutic ingredients. At ApothiCare360, owners Joe and Deanna Catalano work with physicians and healthcare providers to customize medications for each individual patient. When it comes to compounding, Joe says, “If you can think it, Apothicare360 can make it.”

Pharmacy compounding can be beneficial for many reasons.  Some patients may not take their medications because they are unable to swallow pills, or a pet owner may have a difficult time administering oral medication to their animal.  Being able to change the dosage form or how the medication is given, with proper ingredients and directions, allows the Catalanos to provide their customers with the medications they need.

Perhaps your medication is no longer being manufactured, doesn’t come in the strength needed, or requires multiple ingredients.  ApothiCare360 may be able to provide a solution. Having access to professional resources and ingredients, they are able to provide options and alternatives that are not available to all pharmacies.

Success of Compounding

Compounding is making its presence known in all fields of [medical] practice.  The Catalanos may have the ability to provide solutions for hormone restoration, esthetics and dermatology, veterinary, mold detoxification, pain management, and many other areas.

In the field of Ear Nose and Throat more doctors are working with the Catalanos for innovative nasal therapies that have been helping their patients immensely.  Most products and medications for sinus problems are pre-made and may not have the specific medications needed to treat the problem. ApothiCare360 has changed that.

owner Joe and employee looking at medicine

“There’s nothing over the counter that can compare to this,” says Joe. “With ease of dosing, it’s portable and easy for travel, has a longer shelf life, and offers the ability to have more than one medication working synergistically to eradicate aliments. If you’ve ever suffered from nasal and sinus problems, you know how miserable it is not being able to breathe.”

Dermatologists are also finding great success from compounding when helping patients suffering from a variety of skin issues including eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and fungal infections. In addition, compounding can be used for help with cosmetic purposes by developing formulas that help diminish the appearance of sunspots, wrinkles, and can help with acne.

Some of the most compelling success stories of compounding come from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT. This treatment replaces important hormones that the body no longer produces as it ages. A treatment that is very specific and very personal to each patient.   Women in particular have been turning to BHRT for years to help reduce the symptoms of menopause.

“Physicians have been finding great success (with BHRT) in getting women to feel better and improve their quality of life, but their husbands may have been pushed to the side,” says Joe. Although men don’t experience menopause, they too experience hormonal changes as they age and more are discovering the benefits of HRT.  Joe says, “I think the largest area of growth in hormone replacement therapy is going to be on the men’s side.”

“Compounding is becoming increasingly popular and we are definitely seeing this at our pharmacy.” says Deanna. Dentists, orthopedists, podiatrists, veterinarians– physicians in all fields are recognizing the benefits that compounding has when treating their patients. Medication therapy is not always one size fits all.

Apothicare360 Expanding

The demand has increased so much that the Catalanos are expanding their location on Daniels Parkway to accommodate the growth, serving not only local medical professionals but also those across Florida and the United States. You don’t have to live in ApothiCare360’s neighborhood to receive the benefits of their professional compounding services.

medicine isle

Although compounding is not covered by insurance, Deanna explains, “Sometimes insurance does not cover medications and they can be quite costly.  We can often find an alternative that not only works but would be more cost effective.” All compounding medications require a prescription from a licensed practitioner.

ApothiCare360 is a professional, family owned company. Regulars return for the exceptional service. “People know they are cared about when they come here,” says Deanna.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of compounding and how it could help you; call or stop by ApothiCare360 and meet the owners. Joe says, “Compounding is a great way to take control of your healthcare.”




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