Customizing Your Kitchen & Bath

Your home is your castle and when it comes to remodeling kitchens and baths you want a company with not only the best service, but also the most unique and outstanding products to reflect your style and taste. You want Neida and Jose Carvalho, the owners of Stone and Tile from Portugal.

Make it Happen

Whether you need new countertops, a new outdoor kitchen, or a complete bathroom makeover, the Carvalho’s can make it happen from start to finish. “Right now, everybody is going crazy for the whites and greys. We’re doing a lot of light-colored countertops,” says Neida.

She has been in the construction industry in Southwest Florida for some 30 years while Jose’s family in Portugal has been in the stone business for generations, giving him a direct connection to suppliers and materials unlike any other similar businesses in Southwest Florida.

Portugal Roots

Portugal is the second-largest marble exporter in the world. Some of the stone the Carvalho’s purchase actually comes from the area where Jose grew up.

It was on a trip to visit that area and relatives in Portugal, that the couple decided to establish the family trade across the Atlantic Ocean and open an import company in Southwest Florida. The Carvalho’s idea was to bring in the finest stone from Portugal and other parts of Europe. They received their first slabs two years ago along with their first frantic call for help.

Neida remembers, “Our customer was having a problem with their contractor. It was a week before Thanksgiving and they desperately needed their countertops completed. It was crazy but we got it done Wednesday, Thanksgiving was Thursday.”

It was this experience that further transformed their import business plan to include complete remodels. Neida is also licensed to install cabinets, so the Carvalho’s are able to offer a full range of services that include indoor and outdoor kitchens, as well as baths.

In addition, she says, “Jose has a great eye for detail, and he speaks four languages, that is huge. We have such a mixed community now in Southwest Florida.”

Kitchen Remodel


The Carvalho’s are hands-on from beginning to end; no salespeople, no corporate office policies. “You get that personal touch, so if you want to change something you don’t have to ask seven different people to make it happen,” says Neida.

Customers begin the process with an appointment at the Carvalho’s showroom where they can look at a menagerie of colors, textures, products, etc. The next meeting is in the home where measurements are taken, and a design plan is made.

“We get that lined up and try to make it as seamless and as stress free as possible,” says Neida. “From start date to finish we only want you to be without a kitchen two weeks or less.”

Varieties of Stone

Stone and Tile from Portugal carries stone from all over Europe, India, and in the United States. The selections range from the exotic and hard to find to traditional and affordable, fitting all budgets and tastes. Materials that customers can choose from include marble, quartz, granite, and onyx.

Some of Neida’s favorite projects have been for veterans. “Can you imagine losing a limb serving our country and trying to get into a standard shower or tub? Most people just don’t think about those things.” Neida does. She served in the U.S. Coast Guard; that service is what initially brought her to Southwest Florida. Since opening their business, the Carvalho’s have worked with the Veteran’s Administration to make bathrooms handicap accessible for local veterans—at no cost.

Premium Selections

New to the lineup of specialized selections are premium travertine pavers and marble decking. “The reason it is called premium is because it has no holes in it. Standard travertine has all of these little nooks and crannies, so you have to seal it,” says Neida. “In Europe, they’ve been using the products we have for hundreds of years without
a problem.”

These pavers are extremely popular and practical for outdoor decking, including the areas around swimming pools.

Wow Transformation

“I love to design things, to take something that is not user friendly and make it practical for the homeowner. Then I love seeing the finished product when it transforms into WOW.”

If you are looking for that WOW transformation, want to update your space or just make it more functional, call the experts at Stone and Tile from Portugal.


Stone and Tile from Portugal

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