Getting The Smile of Your Dreams May Be Easier Than You Think

Dr. Katrine Farag

Dr. Katrine Farag

When you look in the mirror do you wish your teeth, your smile looked better?

Improving your smile may be a lot easier and take a lot less effort than you think according to Dr. Katrine Farag, owner of Advanced Dentistry of Fort Myers.

“Dentistry has advanced so much, you should have a smile you love,” says Dr. Farag. Many people don’t explore their cosmetic options out of fear, or because they think it will take years to achieve their goals. However, she says, “In many cases, you can spruce up your smile with quick, painless procedures in as few as two appointments.”

Both Dr. Farag and her husband Joseph are dentists. The two met when she was a freshman at the University of Louisville and he was in the process of moving to the Port Charlotte area to open a practice.

Some 13-years later the couple has an 8-year-old son who is competitive in go-cart racing and a 4-year-old daughter who has taken up figure skating.

Dr. Farag opened her Fort Myers practice two years ago, after a patient search for the right place. Over the years she worked in almost every kind of dental office you could imagine including the public health arena, large group practices, small private practices, and corporate practices.

Those experiences provided a clear vision of the kind of dental practice she wanted. When Dr. Farag met a dentist in Fort Myers who was ready to retire, she hit gold. “He knew his patients, they were like part of the family. It was warm and friendly.” Just what she wanted.

Besides regular cleanings and general dentistry, one of the biggest reasons people come to Dr. Farag is for cosmetic consultations, ways to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. Often times they are shocked at how quick and easy it can be.

The easiest thing to do is whitening

For instance, if you like the shape and position of your teeth, the easiest thing to do is whitening. Within 24 hours Dr. Farag can have a custom-fitted tray ready for you to take home and bleach teeth on your own schedule.

The next most popular way to fix your smile is through teeth straightening

“We used to think orthodontics was for teenagers but the average in our practice is 60 plus for Invisalign.” Dr. Farag’s oldest patient is 84. She explains, “Even if you had braces as a child, your teeth still shift as you get older.”

But today you don’t have to suffer the discomfort and embarrassment of having traditional metal brackets and wires on your teeth. Invisalign uses a series of custom fitted clear trays. You wear each set for about two weeks, 23 hours a day. You may feel some tightening the first few days but other than that, patients barely know they are there; neither do their friends and family.

Dr. Farag says, “They are very thin and you only take them out to eat a meal.” Laughing she continues, “It’s not meant as a diet plan but some people drop five pounds because they don’t want to take the trays out.”

Depending on the amount of correction needed, it’s possible to straighten your teeth in as little as nine months. She smiles, “Braces are not just for teenagers anymore.”

Another quick, chair-side fix for chipped or fractured teeth is bonding

Dr. Farag says, “We pick a shade that matches the tooth, using the same material that’s used for fillings.” Leaving a chip untreated not only looks unsightly but it could lead to the degradation of your tooth.

If chips and fractures are too big, the restoration moves to fabricated crowns and veneers. These procedures can also be used for crooked teeth says Dr. Farag, “If someone doesn’t want to go the orthodontic route, we can shape their teeth in a way to put crowns or veneers on them. They look like they’ve received immediate orthodontics.”

The process is very detailed with molds and digital mock-ups to make sure everyone knows what the end result will be.

If you are missing a tooth, implants are one way to go

“It’s so minimally invasive compared to what it used to be like,” says the friendly doctor. She compares the digitally guided surgery to a quick and accurate hole punch saying, “There is no guesswork and a patient needing one implant can be out in less than one hour.”

Dentures are the other option for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Farag smiles, “Dentures don’t have to be ugly. They don’t have to look like fake teeth anymore. Ours are really amazing.” She went to great lengths to find a lab that produces the best.

Changing your smile boosts confidence and self-esteem, no matter your age or gender

It’s important to find a dental practice that not only delivers but also feels good.

When you walk into Advanced Dentistry, it feels good: relaxed, inviting, friendly and non-judgmental. If you have been wanting to restore your smile but have been putting it off out of fear of time, expense, or discomfort, call Dr. Farag for a consultation and find out just how easy it could be.

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