Designing the Smile of Your Dreams

Dr. Robert Bracho

Dr. Robert Bracho

Redesign Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with your smile, seeking the expertise of Dr. Robert Bracho could be compared to hiring an architect to redesign it. As the co-owner of Smile Dental Bonita, he is one of less than 50 dentists in the world using the entire Digital Smile Design technique in the office, design through fabrication. Digital Smile Design allows for Dr. Bracho to predictably correct and enhance a patient’s smile.

Advanced Technology

This advanced technology uses photos, videos, and three-dimensional printing to recreate a patient’s head, bones, mouth, teeth, etc. From here Dr. Bracho creates a blueprint for treatment as far as veneers, implants, dentures, and other rehabilitative procedures.

Sometimes dentists use stone and wax to recreate a patient’s mouth, but determining the outcome is mostly an educated guess that relies on artistic interpretation.

In-House Efficiency

While some dental offices use digital technology, the bulk of the work is sent out and could take 4-6 weeks from start to finish. Dr. Bracho says, “If my patient is only in town for a week, I’m able to design, prepare, manufacture, and deliver final products in that short time frame.”

Keeping everything in-house also eliminates miscommunication. “It’s incredible to be able to execute and deliver predictable smiles that fit a patient’s face, do it in a timely fashion, and not just wait until the end to see what you get.”

“It’s the future of dentistry,” says Dr. Bracho. “There’s more detail and more accuracy now than ever before.”


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