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Doctors Samanta Andisco & Robert Bracho

“When we enhance someone’s smile it alters their facial expressions,” 
says Dr. Robert Bracho, co-owner of Smile Dental of Bonita Springs.

The practice name is an acronym for “Simplified Minimally Invasive Lasting Esthetics.”

In dentistry, even the most minor cosmetic changes can improve a person’s appearance and boost their confidence, including teeth whitening.

That’s just one of the reasons Dr. Bracho went into medicine. He explains, “Watching my mother impact lives on a daily basis as a teacher, really resonated with me.” With a passion for math and science, Dr. Bracho knew a career in dentistry would help him combine his academic interests with his core values for helping people.

Whitening is popular for patients from teens to those in their 80’s. It’s the least invasive way to alter their appearance.

And at Smile Dental, Dr. Bracho uses a high-tech process called GLO Science to rid teeth of stains and restore pearly whites.

“The big thing is, that there is very little, to absolutely no teeth and gum sensitivity associated with this system,” says Dr. Bracho. What makes this technology so different is the use of heat and light.

Gel is put into a custom mouthpiece that glows with light and heat to activate the whitening process. A professional grade hydrogen peroxide is incorporated to protect gums and cheeks.

Patients initially receive 2-4, eight-minute treatments at Smile Dental. Then they take home a device for touch-ups. Dr. Bracho explains, “Everyone’s teeth will get stained over time with different diet styles. By leaving your whitening appointment with your own GLO device, you have control over maintenance and can do it at your own pace.”

This unique method of whitening is simple and streamlined. Smile Dental is glowing about GLO Science because it works well and keeps patients happy.

If you’re interested in whitening your smile without the unpleasant side effects of tooth and gum sensitivity, call Smile Dental and ask about GLO Science. This one hour in office whitening will immediately brighten up our smile!

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