Fast & Frugal Interiors

Home improvement shows are some of the most addicting programs on television. They can inspire you to take on a new decorating project or redo your entire living space. But looking at all of the various patterns, textures and styles can be a tad bit overwhelming if you have no idea where to start with your home improvement.

That’s when you call Theresa Clements, owner of Fast and Frugal Interiors

For over 25 years, she’s been bringing her client’s visions to life through interior design. She’s even been featured on HGTV thanks to her unconventional technique.


If you have to put your bed in front of windows because of space issues, turn it into a design statement.


In the beginning of her career as part-owner of Galloways, Clements and Associates in Royal Palm Square, she had what she calls ‘a dream team’ of architects, designers, builders and contractors, at her disposal. Fast and Frugal is a spinoff of sorts, targeting the everyday homeowner who wants to transform their living space but needs expertise. She says, “I’m trying to reach people who wouldn’t think of calling a designer.” Although the name speaks to her efficiency, Clements makes sure to spend adequate time with each client in order to capture their vision in the most accurate way.

Theresa Clements, Fast & Frugal InteriorsIf a home consultation is all you have the budget for, she will come in and decide on a game plan, giving you a road map of where to go and how to achieve exactly what you want.

If you need more direct assistance, Clements says, “Get on your running shoes, we’re gonna work.” She will become your personal shopper, taking you to furniture, consignment and home improvement stores to find the perfect accent pieces, paint colors and more, all within your budget.

About her job, Clements says, “It’s exciting for me to open new doors to clients and give them a way to solve what they thought was a huge problem.” She continues, “Once you see their vision, the fun thing is giving them the best version of that vision.”

1637 Hendry Street, Fort Myers