Forming Relationships Through Clear Lenses

Word of mouth can often make or break a business. If the business is I-Topian Optical, it helps make it. The luxury eyewear business has been making waves since they opened in Southwest Florida nearly twenty years.

Living Local Publisher Audrey Brooks remembers the first time she learned about the business saying, “I had a friend who had a pair of Lindberg frameless glasses and I loved the way they looked on her. I asked where she got them and she told me I-Topian.”

Like many other patrons, Brooks went in looking for a solution for better vision, while still keeping in fashion. She says, “I started looking more to glasses because my eyes were starting to dry out from contacts.”

Looking at progressive lenses for the first time she says, “I didn’t like how large the lens was; it came down too low hitting my check and I wanted the lens to be more narrow.” She was amazed that I-Topian not only could, but also would customize the lenses for a perfect fit.

Brooks explains, “I didn’t know they could do that. Never before had anyone said ‘yes we can do that, we’ll make it happen.’”

She was also impressed with Optician Kelly saying, “She’s brutally honest. If something doesn’t look good she will tell you. She doesn’t want you leaving without looking your best.”  At I-Topian they know their clients are their best advertising.  “If they don’t look good, we don’t look good”, states Kelly.

Although the publisher showed up with an existing prescription, I-Topian has an optometrist on staff, offering a full range of vision services.

Brooks says, “I was a client of I-Topian long before they became a client of mine. It’s a testament to the relationships they form in the community. I love what they do when it comes to quality, finding amazing frame designs and providing customer service.”


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