Gavin’s ACE Hardware | Get Your Summer Grilling On at Gavin’s

Gavin’s ACE Hardware | Get Your Summer Grilling On at Gavin’s.

Gavin's ACE Hardware

Grilling season is officially here and there’s no better time than the present to get rid of your old model or even buy a grill for the first time. With so many options, where do you start? We suggest seeking the help of grill expert Steve Petzold at Gavin’s ACE Hardware in Fort Myers.

Petzold says, “Weber by far is the best.” With confidence, the grilling enthusiast backs up his claim by citing the stainless steel materials used by Weber for better durability in the salty, humid Southwest Florida air. The outstanding warranties that come with the brand are another reason.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Petzold says, “I have the Weber Spirit 210 Series, the smallest of the liquid propane line, because it is easy to move, the side tables fold down and it heats to searing temperatures in less than 5 minutes.”

He grills two days a week, his wife grills other nights.

Gavin’s has a variety of charcoal and pellet grills too, however, Petzold prefers propane saying, “You can get dinner ready in 5-7 minutes.” He also uses his to smoke meats and make his own sausage. He says, “On charcoal you get a different flavor to the smoked meats but it’s a longer process and a little more of a mess.”

Although he’s a grill expert, Petzold says, “I like selling almost everything, except paint–I’m color blind.” Minus the paint aisle, Petzold can help you with almost all needs for summer grilling and home improvements.

Relocating from Wisconsin two years ago, Petzold says, “I like working for ACE because I’m in contact with customers all day long, I get to know them personally and touch their lives.”

He found that to be the case in the Midwest as well as at the Fort Myers hardware store; it’s been in business since 1987 and has developed a rich reputation for quality goods, services, and giving back to the community.

It’s not just the customers that the grill expert loves interacting with but also his co-workers at Gavin’s…it’s a family owned business. Petzold says, “The Gavins are personable and up front and help you as much as possible, that’s what I looked for when looking for a job down here.”

Going to work at Gavin’s ACE Hardware is more ‘fun’ than a ‘job’ as Petzold explains, “You get to be very good friends with these guys very fast. That is key in employment in this day in age, knowing the owners and them knowing you. Once you get to know staff you will have friends for life.”

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