I-Topian Offering Groundbreaking Technology Helping You to See Better

“It’s a bigger deal than can you imagine. I have goose bumps talking about it,” says Craig Chasnov, owner of I-Topian Optical. He’s talking about new equipment that takes customizing your glasses to a whole new level.

For nearly 20 years, I-Topian has been the leader in Southwest Florida when it comes to high fashion, high quality, hi-tech eyewear. That status has now skyrocketed to among the best in the nation, thanks in part to industrial grade equipment that arrived last month.

There are two essential parts to making glasses: creating a lens and getting it into the frame. Chasnov says, “This machine is the best in the world when finishing custom eyewear and mounting the lens into the frame. The best equipment produces the best product.”

Until now, this type of technology was reserved for industrial use. He says, “We are one of the only luxury dealers in the country to have it in a retail setting, it’s a 1,000 pound monster.”

Of the manufactures that do have the machine, they use it in a factory setting, never realizing its full potential. Chasnov says, “Anyone can buy a race car but can’t drive around the track at 200mph without killing themselves. Anyone can take a picture with their iPhone but it doesn’t mean they’re a photographer.”

He has become the racecar driver in this analogy. He’s spent countless hours and energy creating new software to operate the machine in ways he says, “the average users never even knew or thought possible.” His software will soon become the standard for businesses purchasing this equipment worldwide.

So what does this mean for you?

Every pair of lenses at I-Topian is customized f o r y o u r unique face, your eyes and your prescription. The new technology is “100% consistent” in getting the best results possible with every single pair of glasses according to Chasnov.

If you buy your glasses through a big chain, chances are you will never see as clearly as you will by choosing I-Topian, even with the same prescription; largely because of the unparalleled attention to detail you receive at this local business.

Chasnov could affectionately be considered a technology geek, and his customers benefit in ways that are hard to put into words. It’s something you need to literally SEE to believe.

The excited business owner says, “I already had the best equipment for the last 15 years, but the best was marginal to what I can do now. It makes a big difference from low prescriptions to extreme cases like for people who have higher prescriptions. It takes what we can do on custom work and extremes to a whole new level that never existed.”

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