Don't Replace It Restore It

It’s always a great time to clean and a good place to start is refreshing discolored tile and grout on your floors or in your shower. Instead of paying the exorbitant cost for new, you can make the old look like new. Also, if you’re building or purchasing a new home, now is the time to seal the grout lines to keep it looking new.

Serving the Community

Enter Nicholas Smith, owner of The Groutsmith servicing SW Florida. The Florida native grew up next to the founders of The Groutsmith franchise in Sarasota saying, “they were like family, basically second parents to me”. Smith had an established career in the restaurant industry but desired a new venture of his own. He called his family friends one day and voila, he found that new venture with The Groutsmith franchise.

Smith says, “In the restaurant business, you wait for everyone to come to you. Now I can get out into the community, build relationships with homeowners, and provide top-notch service. The way our product works is simply amazing. At times I’m still blown away by the results, but I receive the most satisfaction from my happy customers.”

Nicholas Smith, owner of The Groutsmith servicing SW Florida

Quality Service

The process involves no heavy-duty carpet cleaners or high-pressure steam that can flood the grout joints and actually damage your tile and grout over time. The Groutsmith only offers products made by their own manufacturing company in Sarasota. This allows them to extend a 10-year warranty on their restoration sealer. No big hoses are piped into your home from outside, and the full process follows a more natural, no acid, hand cleaning method. After The Groutsmith has made your floors look brand new again, they provide the proper guidelines for maintenance, including the right and wrong products to use.

Local Feel

Smith is now in his third year of business in SW Florida. Although The Groutsmith franchise has been in business for over 25 years, operating in 15 states and adding new locations every month, Nick’s focus is to create a “local feel” to his franchise by providing personalized service to each and every customer.


The Groutsmith

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