Focusing on a Healthier You

Before the domination of big pharmaceuticals, the way your medications were made was individualized, not by corporate dictate. They were made through the art and science of compounding, a specialized technique that is alive and well with the new owners of ApothiCare360, pharmacists Joe and Deanna Catalano.

What is Compounding?

Unless you’ve had a need for customized medication, you might not be familiar with compounding. Joe says, “The prescriptions you get from your doctor are like recipes for what the patient needs. We’re able to take those individual ingredients and put them together for use by the patient.” At one point all medications were made this way.

Compounding Medicine

Customizing Treatments

Joe and Deanna work with local physicians and healthcare providers who recognize the need for customizing treatments and medications to best serve their patients’ health needs. Medicine is not one-size-fits-all and not every standardized pill is effective for every person.

Joe and Deanna Catalano

If you would like to know more about the benefits of compounding and how it can help you; call or stop by ApothiCare360 and meet the new owners. Joe says, “Compounding is a great way to take control of your healthcare.”



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