Servicing Homes and the Community

Best Home Services has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1980 when it was founded as a small family owned electrical company

Best Home Services

As the company has grown, so has its commitment to community and giving back

Florice Hodges is in charge of Best Home Services’ public relations and community involvement. Although married to Co-Owner Keegan Hodges, she had her own career in the air conditioning field, working with Tampa Bay Trane for nearly 20 years before joining the family business.

As a territory manager, she says, “I was a bit burned out. It was time for a change.” The Hodges brothers knew there was a need for someone to coordinate the company’s sizeable community involvement so they created a position for her.

Florice Hodges

Florice is the mother of all networkers. She is involved in numerous professional associations, mostly involving realtors, where she helps to facilitate even more charity events, and along with giving back to the community, as a representative of Best Home Services.

The company believes strongly in service and not just to their paying clients

Best Home and their employees regularly support organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Liberty Youth Ranch, Midwest Food Bank, and Laces of Love among others.

It might seem logical that a company specializing in AC, electric, and plumbing participate in building homes for Habitat, however, it’s not just the trained service men and women who donate their time and efforts. Florice says, “Each department picks a Saturday to work and it’s almost like a competition. It’s great team-building and a great way to give back. We have so much talent in our company and have so much fun doing it.”

She laughs, “I never knew how to install windows–I do now.”

Best Home Services just wrapped up a shoe drive in which 400 pairs were donated to Laces of Love

“I was extremely touched by their story,” says Florice. “When families are poor, getting shoes for their kids is the last thing they think about.” Not only did employees donate brand new shoes with a company match, staffers wrote personal notes and attached them to each pair.

Florice says, “Helping kids is near and dear to our hearts. I have raised kids and most of the staff have kids.” In fact, her son Derek played a big role in the shoe drive. He works part-time at Best Home’s call center while attending college.

Besides being a family owned company, Florice says, “We consider every one of our staff family too. I’m always excited to talk about them. They are professional, knowledgeable, and are great representatives of our core values.”

One of those core values is to treat others, specifically customers, the way you want to be treated

Then there are these four cornerstones: “Be Amazing,” “Be Fun,” “Be Family,” and “Be Growing and Learning.” These phrases are printed on colorful bracelets and a new one given to employees each quarter.

When a member of the staff does something that exemplifies the words on the bracelet, they are recognized company-wide. Florice explains, “Most of our staff work in the field, so this is not just good motivation, it’s fun too. Everyone wants to get a bracelet to see what color it is for that quarter.”

Great pride is taken in customer service, according to Florice, who says for instance, “The call center is open 7 days a week. We work hard to make sure everyone is taken care of same day or next.”

When asked what it is like working with her husband after having an independent career for so long, Florice laughs, “I barely see him.” The couple takes time to work out together early in the morning and reserve weekends for family, pool time, and church.

Best Home puts their best foot forward in both serving customers as well as the community

“You don’t have to give with money, it can be with labor and love,” Florice says passionately. “If I could encourage everyone to think about where they can make a difference and help, give back, this would be such a great world to live in.”


Best Home Services

Best Home Services is a local, family owned and operated company that is focused on caring for their customers and the community. Their team relentlessly works to continuously improve their service in order to make Southwest Florida homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient-one job at a time!