Iona Health & Wellness | Herbal Remedies Hit The Mainstream

Iona Health & Wellness | Herbal Remedies Hit The Mainstream.

Florida law regarding the use of medical marijuana officially changes this month (July) allowing residents with a host of ailments, broader access to the natural herb for treatment options.

Dr. Gregory Sonn, founder of Iona Health and Wellness, has been prescribing a non-euphoric strain of cannabis since it became legal in 2014, but the new laws open doors for him to help even more people.

Growing up in Fort Myers, Dr. Sonn specialized in palliative care for many years; his medical background is quite extensive. Today his holistic practice focuses on the overall health and wellness of a person.

The use of cannabis figures prominently in his treatments, in everything from topical creams, to capsules, oils, tinctures, and inhalation.

For people who think medial marijuana is just about getting high, think again. Dr. Sonn explains, “It’s one of the only drugs in the world that mimics our neurochemical receptors.” Unlike many pharmaceuticals that affect the body in numerous ways he says cannabis, “just does one thing that works for all symptoms…it slows things down.”

Whether treating patients who have nausea from chemo or suffer from anxiety Dr. Sonn says, “Things work more efficiently in your body when they are slow and steady.”

When the body is calm it decreases stress and pain that can eventually beat up your immune system, causing more sickness.

The physician starts slowly when prescribing cannabis, personalizing each treatment, something you wont find in most medical marijuana dispensaries, the majority of which have a corporate backing, not local.

It ’s an important distinction and consideration…one that sets Dr. Sonn apart.

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