Love Boat Ice Cream | Mixing In The Love For 17 Years

Love Boat Ice Cream | Mixing In The Love For 17 Years.

As if anyone needs an excuse to eat ice cream this summer, July is National Ice Cream Month. What’s your favorite flavor?love-boat-blog-1

We asked Jenny Roberts the ice cream maker and production manager at Love Boat Ice Cream that question and it was like asking her to pick her favorite child—impossible.

Jenny began working at Love Boat as a teenager over 17 years ago. She has gradually worked her way up to the huge responsibility of making the more than 75 flavors of ice cream you’ll find at the store on McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers on any given day. The ice cream is literally made around the clock to meet the demand.

Love Boat has been serving frozen treats for 50 years and in March, moved to a new location some 500 feet south for more space both in the front and back of the house. Roberts says, “We have a lot more room to make ice cream and we now have a convection oven so we can make ice cream cakes and sandwiches.”

Her newest flavor of ice cream is carrot cake; making the cake in house makes it easier to play with new creations.

Roberts grew up in Georgia but would visit her grandparents in Southwest Florida during the summers. They would always go to Love Boat for ice cream. She says, “I can remember it was overwhelming, so many flavors. I always got chocolate marshmallow and chocolate chip.”

When she was eleven, her family relocated to the area and her father became friends with the owner at the time. That friendship opened the door for Roberts to work part time while in school, eventually giving her the opportunity to run the ice cream making side of things…a dream job.

Circling back to our original question on favorite flavors, the ice cream maker finally gushes, “I think Elvis is one of my go to flavors, the chocolate brownie batter is always a favorite, the chocolate peanut butter has been a favorite since coming here as a kid, honestly I don’t have a fave, its different everyday depending on my mood.”

Mood is one of the things that make this frozen dessert so special, National Ice Cream month or not. Roberts explains, “I think it is the whole atmosphere. As a child you would sit down for dessert, and a lot of times it was ice cream. In my mind it was always a happy moment in life and it just stays with you as you grow up.”

She continues, “You are never in a bad mood or upset when you think about ice cream. And if you are that mood goes away as soon as you eat it.”

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