Making a Difference in the Lab at Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

“This is my dream job,” says Daniela Medeiros about what she does at Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Daniela serves as the practice’s Dental Lab Technician, the artist behind your dentures, partials, retainers, crowns and such.

So why is this such a dream job? Daniela answers, “I can work directly with the doctor and the patient. This doesn’t happen when you work in an outside lab.” Something she had previously done. She explains, “When you work in an outside lab, you never see the patient. You are just given a model to work with.”

That is why so many people have problems with dentures and crowns. Because Daniela can see the patient’s face and has a direct line of communication with the doctor, she can make dental removables with more accuracy and precision. Not only do patients benefit by getting a better fit, they can also get their crowns, bridges and the likes much faster than what most other dental offices can provide. In addition the technician says, “If I have a question, the doctor is right here to go over things with me. It’s real teamwork.”

Dentures are very time consuming to make. They take a lot of handcrafting and are customized for every patient, not just in size and shape, but also in color, so they will look as natural as possible. Daniela says, “We use only the highest quality, such as acrylic, and that just doesn’t happen in larger labs. They buy the cheapest materials. Here, we really care about the quality.”

Growing up in Brazil, Daniela liked to work with her hands. Initially, she went to college for veterinary medicine but switched her studies to a field focusing on humans. Side note: she still likes animals. It’s quite unique for a family practice to put out the time, effort and investment it takes to have a lab onsite when it is so easy to send work out, according to Daniela. She says, “Here I have the opportunity to learn new things all of the time. In a regular lab, it’s like a production line where everyone does something different. Here, I’m able to do it all from start to finish.”

Not only is it a hands-on process but Daniela gets to see the direct results of her efforts firsthand.Many times patients come in and don’t want to smile because their dentures are failing or their smile is compromised. When these things are fixed by the team at Park Family, Daniela says, “They have this big smile. It changes people’s lives. It’s so rewarding to see in person. That is the highlight of my job.”

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