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Dr. Ana Scopu

Dr. Ana Scopu, DMD, MSc

Are you without teeth and wearing a full denture?

Are you considering implants for better stability of your current denture?

Do you want something more fixed and not removable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dr. Scopu advises considering an implant overdenture or an implant retained bridge to not only restore your smile, but also to give you better function and confidence.

An implant overdenture is a full denture that is attached to dental implants. The overdenture clicks onto the implants, via special attachments, and is a removable option.

Scopu says, “This treatment choice allows you to chew comfortably without mobility of your dentures. It offers the convenience of never having to worry about denture adhesive, or even worse, the denture falling out when you are eating or in public.”

In this denture, the implant allows you to retain your bone level. Regular dentures cause a great deal of force to a patient’s jawbones during normal chewing functions, and with time, causes the bone to atrophy.

By using implants to support the denture, the force is directed to the implants instead, helping to maintain the bone level and thickness of the jaws. Ideally, four implants are placed on the top and four on the bottom to support the denture.

Denture OptionsIf a removable option is not appealing, the implant retained bridge (or prosthesis) offers a fixed solution

In this case, at least six to eight upper implants are used to support the bridge.

The implant fabrication requires much skill and planning according to Dr. Scopu. She says, “In some circumstances, several doctors and technicians are involved to create the final product. The general dentist will lead their team in the setup and creation of this complex bridge.”

Not only are there a number of steps in designing and fabricating an implant retained bridge, but multiple labs are used as well. The process begins with attaching custom metal framework to all of the implants for a perfect fit.

The metal used is either titanium or high noble metal: 70% gold, the rest platinum and palladium. The metal framework is heavier than the overdenture and these precious metals cost more, according to their actual weight.

Once the metal framework has been made, a second lab builds the esthetic porcelain to create a brand new smile and bite. Dr. Scopu explains, “This requires a very talented and educated ceramist. We are fortunate here at Park Family to have Boban Milentijevic, a certified master dental technician. He helps us achieve amazing results with his porcelain build-up techniques.”

A big plus for choosing the implant retained bridge is that its material will not break down or wear away with time, as would denture teeth; that is, as long as it’s maintained properly. In both procedures, regular dental cleanings are still required to keep your implants and restorations nice and clean and get the maximum wear.

For a more affordable option, there is implant overdenture fabrication

The denture teeth are prefabricated and designed to already fit together to form an ideal bite, but they’re not built by hand, as with the implant retained bridge.

Dr. Scopu adds, “With that being said, this is still a custom procedure because the teeth selected have to be ideal in size, shape, and color, and must be set in an ideal position to give you the best possible look and function.”

“It’s a personal preference really,” says Dr. Scopu. “I feel both procedures are great options. The most important thing for me, as a treating physician for these procedures, is to give you back your teeth so you can function properly and look like a million bucks.”

If you are desiring to restore the function and look of your teeth and are considering removable dentures or implants, call Dr. Scopu. She’ll wave your consultation fee if you mention reading about these procedures in livinglocal.

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