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Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry | Creating Confidence One Smile At A Time.

park-blog-1Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has a reputation; a reputation for making patients feel comfortable, even like family. They also have a reputation for supporting and empowering their employees in their education and their personal growth.

But the reputation for providing the best technology and highest quality materials available is perhaps the most important for those looking to correct imperfections in their smile and solve painful or debilitating oral problems, regardless of age.

Take for instance 16-year old Bailey Herington. Herington wore braces to straighten her teeth and although the treatment worked, when the braces

came off she still wasn’t happy with her smile.

She says, “My teeth were lined up but I had confidence issues with how small my teeth were.” Two of her teeth, the front side incisors, were significantly disproportionate in size to those in the rest of her mouth.

Her mother had been a patient of Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry’s founder, Dr. Long Huynh and had glowing reports from her experience. That led Bailey to book a consultation to find out how he could help her. The plan was a relatively simple one—veneers on the two teeth in question.

However, it took a year for her to save up money and convince her dad to sign off on the cosmetic procedure. When she went back to Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, the teenager says, “Dr. Long worked hard to find the right size and color. He put on a fake veneer to make sure I got the look I really wanted.”

She took a picture, sent it to her dad, and just one hour later got a permanent

fix, a total transformation not just for those two teeth, but her entire mouth. The speed of the process was one of the many things that amazed her about the experience.

Bailey explains, “It was super easy. I thought it would hurt but he (Dr. Long) didn’t have to file my teeth, he just put them on and was done.” When Dr. Long gave her a mirror to see the finished product she says, “I teared up.”

On the surface, the teenager’s treatment and its process seems easy enough and her teeth look outstanding, but what about their function? Bailey says, “I can’t tell they are there at all, the color matches and I can’t see a line. They feel perfect on my teeth, like I have had them my whole life.”

It might seem like a small thing, two teeth out of proportion, but for a teenager, and many adults, it is indeed the little things that make a big difference. Bailey says, “When I walked out I felt so good. It just changed my whole face, my whole view. I smile more because I’m proud of my teeth.”

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