Passion Propels Results at Vein Specialists

The medical field is a family affair in the Magnant household. Dr. Joseph Magnant, founder of Vein Special­ists, grew up in Northern Virginia as the son of a pediatrician. Of his seven siblings, all but one is a medical profes­sional; the other is a lawyer. He says, “I didn’t know what else to do, medicine was a family business.”

Growing up, there was an expectation to perform well in school and get good grades. Dr. Magnant says, “My mom is very smart and a good motivator. She had pretty high standards and pushed us to excel.”

She gave each of her children a book called The Magic of Thinking Big. “We had to make flash cards out of the lessons; she bought dozens of copies.” The binding may be falling apart but Dr. Magnant still has the book his mother gave him as a teenager.

It was during clinical rotations his third year of medical school that Dr. Magnant decided to be a surgeon; “the hardest thing to do,” he says. “I went into vascular surgery because it was meticulous and there was variety,” he adds. After a two-year fellowship at Dartmouth, he went into private practice in Rome, Georgia.

Life was good. He fell in love and married his wife, Patty, had two children, and fourteen years into a busy, demanding practice he says, “I had done enough surgery in the hospital, and thought it was time for a career shift. That’s when I shifted into the vein field, for a new focus.”

His parents were already living in Southwest Florida, so he seized the opportunity to be closer to them while reinventing his career. Having no actual business experience, he opened one anyway in 2006. It was a rough road, to put it mildly.

He started his new practice with his wife and two staff members, but unfor­tunately was missing the most important piece of the business: patients. The determined doctor went door-to-door introducing himself to other physicians who might refer patients with venous disease. Not all showed him profes­sional courtesy, but he was persistent.

Fast forward twelve years and Vein Specialists now employs more than 35 people and has set the standard in the field of venous care in Southwest Florida. Dr. Magnant and his associate, Dr. Patrick Nero, offer the newest and latest technology and treatments with a strong emphasis on training and educating to both their patients as well as other physicians.

They are still knocking on doors and reaching out to other doctors on a daily basis with letters, texts and emails; doing their best to improve communica­tion regarding patient care. They call to share important information and follow up on the progress of patients. They even personally call their patients on occasion to check on them; an individual touch often missing in medicine today.

Venous disease affects about 40 million adults in the U.S. according to Dr. Magnant, which is about 20% of the population. He says, “A lot of people are in denial, both patients and physicians, about when they should do something about it. You don’t need to wait until you’re having pain. You should be proactive. Venous disease is a medical condition like hypertension and high cholesterol. You don’t wait until you’re having a problem to treat it.”

Age, weight, pregnancy, and standing occupations can exacerbate venous disease, however, Dr. Magnant says, “It’s mostly hereditary; you can’t run from who your parents and grandpar­ents are.”

Some of the most common venous problems Dr. Magnant and Dr. Nero encounter include varicose veins, swollen legs, discolored and inflamed skin, and even wounds that won’t heal. They also treat iliac vein compression syndrome.

He says, “Our focus on vein disease is the distinguishing aspect of our practice. We are board certified surgeons, registered vascular technologists and advanced registered nurse practitioners working as a team, 100% focused and dedicated to venous disease. It’s not something we do part time, or as another stream of revenue. This is our passion!”

Dr. Magnant has made a signifi­cant impact on improving the lives of Southwest Floridians suffering from venous disease. What keeps the caring and approachable doctor going every day? He’ll tell you, “Meeting people with different stories and problems I can potentially help them with, and to share to some degree our spirituality in terms of how we manage people. It’s not just doing a procedure, it’s interacting with each patient in a personal way while treating their problem in an effort to improve their quality of life.”

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