Physical Therapy Can Do More Than Heal An Injury it can help your golf game too

Owners Tiffany and Mike Kriz

Owners Tiffany and Mike Kriz

Most people are sent to physical therapy following an injury or surgery to help regain strength, improve range of motion, and healing in general. However, at Kriz Physical Therapy, patients like Peter Reines can also enroll in the Athletic Performance program for help in improving their sporting activities.

“I had minimally invasive back surgery and could’ve gone anywhere for physical therapy,” says Peter. “But I had heard such good things about Kriz and they were all true.” His surgeon prescribed 12 weeks of post-surgery physical therapy to which Peter says, “They did a remarkable job bringing me back and getting me stronger.”

Owners Tiffany and Mike Kriz specialize in a method called Functional Manual Therapy. It’s a hands on approach used to restore and improve strength and mobility.

Mike explains, “After surgery, injury, or with many chronic conditions, movement patterns are altered because people are trying to avoid or reduce pain. Many people must relearn movement patterns and it is best done with hands on, guiding body parts and regions through space efficiently.”

That gentle, hands on approach worked for Peter who says, “Their techniques work, no questions. But you still have to put the work in. It’s up to you, as a person being healed, to contribute to the process.”

After 12 weeks of contributing to the process, Peter was feeling so much better he decided to enroll in Kriz’s Athletic Performance program for help with his golf game.

Play with Better Mobility

Tiffany explains, “The program is designed to help athletes playing golf, tennis, pickleball, etc., play with better mobility, power, and balance.” The process begins with a head to toe evaluation of mobility, balance, and strength testing that is specific to the sport the patient wants to improve.

“The tests translate to portions of a swing or stroke that may be limited, weak, or inhibited,” says Tiffany. Then we take participants through a specifically designed exercise program and continually reassess as we go through the plan.”

You don’t have to be a PT patient of Kriz to participate in the athletic program. Packages include nine sessions including evaluations.

“They looked at my posture, how my knees work, my ability to turn my trunk, my shoulders, arms, and really all the parts of my body, to see where I was having issues with motion,” says Peter. The 76-year-old adds, “From the ankle all of the way up to the back of your head, there are a lot of muscles involved in a golf swing. Everyone is different, but my game has really improved.”

 The Krizs met while attending school at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. They worked in corporate physical therapy offices in Northern Virginia before transferring to Southwest Florida where Mike’s father lived. Twenty years later they have a 10-year-old girl (Madeline) and 14-year-old boy (Ryan).

“They work back and forth as a husband and wife team which is really nice,” says Peter, adding, “I enjoy their spirit.  They are fun people to be around and they are really interested in you as a patient.”

Personalized Attention

That personal attention by actual therapists is one of the things that sets this practice apart. Mike explains, “In many PT offices, patients spend the majority of time with assistants or other lesser trained staff. We didn’t go to school to delegate treatment. We went to school to learn to treat. We emphasize continuing education and do all we can to be exceptional therapists.”

Patients receive 45 minutes to an hour of hands-on treatment with a therapist during each visit. The volume is lower, and the quality of care is better than higher volume practices, according to Mike.

Many people who’ve tried physical therapy without the results they were looking for have found success here. At Kriz the team is more “old school and I like it that way,” says Mike. “New modalities and equipment come and go but none of that matters if you are moving incorrectly to begin with.”

“I refer everyone to Kriz Physical Therapy,” says Peter. “They are well educated in the body and how things work. AND they are phenomenal people.”

If you are suffering from chronic pain, recovering from surgery or injury, and need help restoring function, strength, and movement, call Kriz Physical Therapy to find out if functional manual therapy is right for you.

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