Serving up Food with Flair at Maguro Sushi and Steakhouse

When you walk into Maguro Sushi and Steakhouse, you might just be greeted by applause and shrieks of excitement. While it’s nice to think the welcome is for you, the energy is coming from the Asian restaurant’s popular Hibachi room.

More laid back fun is found at the small sushi bar or in the comfortable dining room. Bamboo dividers separate the dining from the spacious bar where you can begin the evening with traditional cocktails as well as photo worthy specials.

Try the popular Lychee Martini with vodka, lychee juice and a drizzle of elderflower liquor, garnished with a bright flower and a juicy lychee. Refreshing and colorful, the Cosmo Bellini has Grey Goose le Citron, peach puree, cranberry, and prosecco.

Sake is taken seriously here thanks to owner Denny Zhang who looks at it like a fine wine. The list is impressive with selections like Horrin; elegant and fruity, yet dry with a spicy finish.

The Hibachi room, with it’s modern blue back lighting, is where you’ll find most of the action. Hibachi or teppanyaki is not just about eating; it’s also about entertainment. Chefs flip their kitchen tools with ninja skills, spin raw eggs, and create mesmerizing bursts of flames on the cooktop just inches from your seat.

The large rectangular tables are perfect for families and all kinds of celebrations . For bir t hday s, employees don traditional Chinese lion heads and parade to your table to the beat of a drum.

Denny and his wife Tracy, humble and personable, have created a nice community of regulars. Six years ago, the couple left their large families in New York City to begin a new life as restaurateurs in Naples.

Denny’s father was a chef. Growing up in the business, he says, “You have to love food to open a restaurant.” When he’s not meticulously inspecting the deliveries or cooking at Maguro, he is eating at other restaurants; not just to check out the competition but because he is passionate about cuisine.

When it comes to quality products, Denny is vigilant, especially with the fish. Perhaps it’s why he’s garnered the reputation as serving some of the best sushi in Southwest Florida.

It’s not just about the surf, but also the turf at Maguro. “People compare our steak to what is served at some high- end steak houses in the area. Our filet is a fraction of the cost,” says the entrepre-neur of Chinese decent. He continues, “Americans love steak and they know quality. I have to only take top quality.”

One of his favorite dishes in the dining room is Crispy Duck. For appetizers, the Tuna Taco has great flavors and textures. You may fight over the last piece of the tuna twister. Seared Ahi wraps around kani and mango, with a citrus ponzu sauce that is spicy, sweet, and oh so good.

With several dining options under one roof, Denny says, “I love food and want to update the menu all the time. You never know who will walk in so everyday I keep it fresh and new.”