Shula’s – America’s Steak House | Williana Arias

Shula’s – America’s Steak House | Williana Arias has been greeting guests since 2011.

shulas-blog-1The iconic restaurant located inside the Naples Hilton has long been revered for its fine dining with an award winning menu and exceptional team service – but its winning traditions over the years have been defined even more by the employees that work there each day making Shula’s Steak House Naples something even more special.

One of those special employees is Williana Arias.

Williana has been helping guests kick off their Shula Steak House experience for the past six years as a hostess and now as the restaurant’s reservation coordinator.

“I started working at Shula’s as a hostess back in July of 2011,” Williana said. “The working environment at Shula’s is so calm and everyone is so knowledgeable. It’s helped me grow as a person as I’ve been promoted from hostess to reservations coordinator.”

shulas-blog-2The positive atmosphere and excellent working conditions at Shula’s are no accident. When Miami Dolphins Head Coach Don Shula opened his first restaurant back in 1989, he incorporated certain principles into his restaurants that mirrored his coaching style. It was through those team principles that led to his accomplishment of becoming the NFL’s winningest coach on the football field and eventually earning the same reputation for his restaurants – now ranked within the top five in America.

“My job is not just awesome, but it also allows me to have a great lifestyle,” Williana proudly states. “Plus my schedule is flexible so that I can attend school during the fall as I’ll be studying in a medical aesthetics program.”

Williana is just another great example of someone succeeding within the Shula system. This system not only affords their patrons a dining experience they won’t soon forget, but it also applies equally to their employees who are treated by management as special team players and extended family members.

“I love meeting new people and my job allows me to meet them from all around the world,” she states. Since we’re located inside the Hilton Hotel we get the opportunity to interact with both our hotel guests as well as our amazing locals.”

She sums up her feelings for her co-workers in a way that would make the Shula family proud.

“I love my team and wouldn’t have it any other way!” Williana proclaims. Sounds familiar. Don Shula and his entire management team wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shula’s Steak House Naples is located inside the Naples Hilton at 5111 Tamiami Trial. For more information on the legendary steak house please visit their website at or call for reservations at 239-430-4999