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Offering PRF

Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is well known for treating patients like family while offering some of the most advanced technology and treatments available. Some, like Platelet-Rich Fibrin or PRF, are not commonly found in dental offices.

His extensive medical background gives Dr. Tamer Eshra expertise when using this cutting edge procedure that involves drawing blood from a patient, spinning it down and injecting it into parts of the body that require healing. “PRF and iPRF are used in different aspects of medicine from open-heart surgery, to orthopedic procedures. It’s part of your body using another part of your body to reproduce its own cells. It’s safe and significantly cuts down a patient’s healing time.” 

When blood is spun down it has higher concentrations of stem cells and growth factors. “When injected back into the body, this PRF is capable of producing new cells for up to 12 days, which is quite remarkable,” says Dr. Eshra. “When you get a cut or need healing, your body sends growth factors to that area to do the work. If you have those benefits for 12 days just imagine how fast you can heal.”

Meeting Dr. Eshra

Dr. Eshra performed surgery using PFR on Jessica Stantcheva and she is amazed at the difference it made. Stantcheva cracked a tooth and because she had a root canal, she could not feel that there was something wrong. “It became infected. Every time I chewed it got worse and the infection went into my sinuses. The whole side of my face swelled up,” she says. 

Dr. Eshra not only had to repair her tooth but also performed a surgical procedure on her sinuses. Jessica previously had dental surgery, including numerous implants, and says the difference in her healing with the use of PRF was like night and day. “After the surgery there was no swelling, no pain meds, no nothing. It really cut the healing process for me,” she says in amazement.  

Since finding the dental team at Park Family, Stantcheva says, “They’ve really changed my life with my teeth.  My confidence has improved and I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore.”

Jessica with doctor eshra

Dr. Eshra uses PRF in everything from extractions to grafting. He says, “When using it in an extraction, there is really no chance for a dry socket. You can go back to work and resume your normal life very fast compared to conventional methods.”

Besides in the dental chair, Dr. Eshra also uses PRF and iPRF in cosmetic and facial rejuvenation procedures such as microneedling. “We treat a patient for overall health, not only oral health. Our education and degrees qualify us to be familiar with facial aesthetics in general,” says Dr. Eshra. 

Microneedling uses a series of small needles to puncture the skin at different depths, introducing growth factors to accelerate healing and collagen production. The procedure helps to firm skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improves microcirculation, and even the appearance of acne scars. 

Dr. Eshra is constantly learning, staying up to date with the latest research including the applications of PRF, often consulting with colleagues around the country. “The results when using PRF and iPRF are superior to any conventional procedure,” he says. 

PRF is cutting edge technology, and it’s the wave of the future according to Dr. Eshra. Offering this technology is another one of the many things that sets Park Family apart from other dental practices in Southwest Florida. 

If you need dental work and have concerns about healing, call Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to see if a procedure using PRF is for you. 

About Dr. Eshra

Dr. Eshra graduated from medical school at the University of Cairo in Egypt and worked as a resident for orthopedic surgery before moving to New York where he also worked in radiology. Columbia University had a program that accepted medical doctors for dentistry, a field he was always interested in. His combined experience, along with his background in surgery and radiology sets him apart in the field of dentistry.

An avid researcher and believer in continuing education, when his head is not in the books, he enjoys fishing and traveling. Dr. Eshra also holds a black belt in Karate.


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