Setting Your Sights on Summer Vision

The seasonal crowds are gone and the summer sun is searing. Now is the perfect time to take a moment and focus on your vision. Whether you need a routine exam, help with changing vision, or guidance with a specific eye problem; Collins Vision has all bases covered with their team of specialists.

Physicians at Collins Vision perform everything from routine exams to advanced surgical procedures. In addition to vision fundamentals, each doctor has expertise in specific conditions so if a problem arises, all your needs can be taken care of under one roof.

Contact Lenses

Take, for instance, Dr. Nicole E. Alessi whose forte is treating dry eye and Dr. Jay S. Rosen who is a master when it comes to contact lenses.

For some people with vision problems, putting in and taking out contact lenses is as second nature as brushing teeth. But for others, it seems an impossible task that doesn’t always deliver the desired results.

Dr. Rosen has made a name for himself in Southwest Florida over the last twenty-plus years in finding contacts that work for patients with any number of challenging conditions, including cornea issues such as keratoconus.

Dr. Alessi and Dr. Rosen


Keratoconus is a progressive thinning of the cornea that causes it to bulge. Dr. Rosen explains, “The surface becomes irregular. Neither glasses nor soft lenses will work because they translate a bad image and blur vision. Hard lenses help to create a new surface but most doctors have trouble fitting them.”

“Contacts are like a sponge pulling moisture out of cornea,” says Dr. Rosen. That is why it is so important to treat dry eye if that is something you suffer from and want to wear contacts. He also advises the use of artificial tears (not natural tears) throughout the day for contact wearers.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a chronic disease that Dr. Alessi suffered from while in optometry school, and now specializes in treating. It occurs when there is a problem with the tear film, a multilayer structure that protects your eyes.

“Not addressing it will slowly deteriorate the surface of the eye,” explains Dr. Alessi. “The top layer of the cornea will become irregular and distort the quality of vision.”

Symptoms of dry eye can include itching, burning, redness, tearing, and fluctuating vision. It can be caused by any number of things including a patient’s lifestyle, allergies, and even a result of Lasik surgery. Dr. Alessi is like a detective, searching for the cause so she can find a solution and offer the best course of treatment.

Personable Doctors

One of the things that patients enjoy most about doctors Alessi and Rosen, besides their unparalleled expertise, is their bedside manner, how personable they are. Dr. Rosen says, “I enjoy people. I talk to my patients about their lives not just their eyes.”

He also enjoys talking about food, finding new restaurants and sharing the info with his patients. A self-proclaimed foodie he also calls himself a part-time vegetarian saying, “I love veggies and exploring different meat substitutes to see what they taste like.”

Dr. Alessi calls herself a “shoe girl” and she loves to dress up her doctor’s coat with them. On the weekend she trades in her high heels for flats to enjoy water sports and outdoor activities including archery.

Both doctors share a love of dogs, but most importantly, they share a love of helping improve the lives of their patients by improving their vision.

Give your eyes some TLC this summer. Call Collins Vision to schedule an appointment.


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