The Healing Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy, known as (WBC), was discovered in Japan by a Japanese Scientist back
in 1978. It was originally used for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

WBC has shown to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as Osteo Arthritis, along with Fibromyalgia.
There has been evidence that WBC helps with mild depression, and also has effects regarding increased
energy, and improved/restful sleep.

WBC involves the patient stepping into the Cryo Sauna Cabin and experiencing cold temperatures. The cabin is an open chamber, allowing the client’s head to be above the unit. Clients are not subject to breathing the extreme cold air, which is not good for the lungs especially if you have asthma. Also with our open chamber, there is no need to cover the ears or the mouth. With it being open at the top, there are very few issues regarding claustrophobia.

After the 3-minute session, the body immediately and rapidly begins to warm back to normal external body temperature, at which time the blood vessels become dilated and blood quickly returns back out to the arms and legs. This process creates a neurological response thereby releasing Adrenalin, Endorphins, Cytokines, Enkephalins and much more. These chemicals help reduce pain, increase energy response, increase Serotonin in the brain and anti-inflammatory proteins. It is this chemical release that occurs within 24 to 48 hours which brings about the amazing healing properties. As an added bonus, a single session can burn up to 800 calories.

At Rejuvenations, we are the first and only physician supervised facility that uses “medical grade” nitrogen. Medical grade nitrogen is certified for purity and is the most appropriate nitrogen source to use in human application. Don’t settle for “food grade” nitrogen – it’s what they use in food packaging!

WBC is fast, effective, affordable, and can improve:
– Pain and inflammation
– Neuropathy and fibromyalgia
– Muscle soreness and sports injuries
– Weight loss and energy
– Stress, sleep and mobility

To schedule a session, please call 239-658-COOL (2665) or visit one of our locations.