The Helping Hand of a Hygienist at Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons why people choose a dentist, and while that decision is an important one, dentists don’t run the show all by themselves. On their front line are the hygienists.

Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has a team of four hygienists, led by Heather Boe. Soon to celebrate her five-year anniversary with the practice, Boe is one of those rare Florida natives, and an even rarer Naples native.

She was first introduced to the idea of dentistry as a career while in high school; she worked as an assistant in one of the first orthodontist’s office in town. She recalls, “I was fortunate…I got to do a lot and thought I like this. I like the patients and working in mouths.”

Originally setting her sights on becoming a dentist she laughs, “I didn’t want to go to school another ten years. This only took 3, and 22 years later I still love it.”

About putting her hands in mouths all day Boe laughs, “You have to be a little strange to do what we do, but you develop these relationships with patients and become part of their lives.” She continues, “When they are happy and satisfied, that is satisfying to me, I like to make a positive impact in their lives.”

Boe moved back to Naples after graduating from Tallahassee Community College and was working for another practice when a friend phoned, asking if the hygienist knew of anyone looking for a job—Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry was hiring.

She says, “I wasn’t looking but when God opens a door you should at least look through it. It was fate.”

The Naples native remembers her interview with Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, saying, “Dr. Huynh-Le asked ‘if things worked out and you want to be here what can we do to make you stay?’ I said make it a positive atmosphere. She used her finger as check mark and said ‘done,’ and it has been. I have not been disappointed.“

When she’s not in the super clean work environment, she likes to be outdoors, and doesn’t mind getting dirty by going four wheeling and target shooting.

But when back in the office, she welcomes the camaraderie, likes the fact that the dental practice is charity minded and that the focus is “to provide compressive care for our patients so they can be as healthy as they can be, with lifestyle choices and treatments.”

She concludes, “We are here to serve, to take care of other people, and I believe that what you put out there eventually comes back to you.”

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Naples, FL 34102

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