Tropical Pools Construction | Jack Willard Setting The Standard

Tropical Pools Construction | Jack Willard Setting The Standard.

Tropical Pools Construction’s owner, Jack Willard, has been setting the industry standard for over 40 years.

When Jack Willard started his career in the pool industry back in the late 1960’s he never would have imagined that it would eventually lead to owning one of the most successful pool construction and renovation companies in Florida.

tropical-pools-blog-01“I started out as a laborer at a pool company back in Orange County, California,” Willard recalls. “I was just 20 years old and fresh out of the Air Force. I remember working on celebrity pools for Elizabeth Montgomery, John Wayne, and even Liberace’s famous piano pool. It was really difficult, constantly shoveling sand and very hard labor.”

But Jack’s hard work and experience would start to pay off. As so many of his fellow workers would come and go, seemingly uninterested in the business, Jack set his sights higher.

By 1971 he became a foreman; by 1972 a superintendent overseeing eight crews and over 1,200 jobs per year. And then by 1977 he decided to move to Northern California to start is own business.

“We specialize in satisfying each customer.”


For the next 13 years he grew his business, and reputation, as one of California’s premiere pool builders. Intending to downsize and slow down, he moved his family to Cape Coral in 1990 and opened Tropical Pools Construction.

“Florida reminded me of an early blossoming California market where you could build year round.” Jack said. “We were building 250 to 300 pools per year by the late 90’s. By the mid 2000’s we increased that amount to over 400 per year.”

Jack is most proud of his family and his employees. He has always treated them with dignity and respect. He knows that they are the future for his company.

“My son Joe has been working with me for 35 years,” Jack proudly states. “He’ll be taking over the company with my grandson Joe Jr. as our current superintendent. It’s a good future for our next generation to fall back on.”

tropical-pools-blog-03Voted best pool builder for the past 5 years, Tropical Pools prides itself on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. They have been rated one of the best customer satisfaction builders in Lee County.

“We do everything we can in house as far as building and remodeling,” Jack says. “But as a courtesy to our clients we will work with a select group of sub-contractors in order to get the job done on time. It usually takes anywhere from five to six weeks to complete most jobs, custom pools a little longer.”

Jack points out that much of their success is due to their longevity and reputation. “We specialize in satisfying each customer. Our focus has always

been on the general public and that’s what makes us stand out.”

To learn more about building the backyard of your dreams call Tropical Pools Construction at 239-458-7770 or visit their website at