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The wine world is a lot like the world of fashion; certain grapes and methods of winemaking go in and out of style all of the time. But two things that are always “in” for spring are whites and blushes; they come out of their winter slumber, fresh and vibrant. Unfiltered Unfined Wines | Wining & Dining. If you want to be the first in your circle to try something new for spring, these three Italian selections have just been introduced to the Southwest Florida market; Ileana Pinot Grigio, Vermentino Salento and Wanted Zin Blush.

If you’re style conscious as well as health conscious, Ileana is a top choice to stock your cellar, not just for spring but all summer long—it’s low carb. Lower in calories than traditional white wines, you can engage in guilt free sipping all afternoon.

The pinot grigio used in this one comes from Northern Italy in region of Trentino Alto Adige. The cooler climate and process used during fermentation are part of the equation that helps to keep the residual sugar low and cut the calories in this wine.

It’s a straw color, smells like citrus and honeysuckle, and tastes like melon and pears with a citrus finish. The acidity of this wine makes it good for sipping or serving with food, seafood especially.

Masseria Borgo del Trulli’s Vermentino Salento comes from Southern Puglia. Wines made from vermentino are typically acidic and refreshing and this one doesn’t disappoint. It smells like a delightful mixture of peach, lemon and mango with a touch of herbs.

Don’t be afraid to try a pink wine with the word “zin” on the label. The Wanted Zin Blush 2016, may be pink but it’s far from the sweet cloying white zins you may be familiar with.

unfiltered unfined winesThis one is made from old vine primitivo (zinfandel grapes) grown in northern Puglia. It’s an elegant pink color, like a lovely bouquet of peonies. Its nose is just as lovely; strawberry, watermelon and a bit floral like orange blossom. Fresh, crisp and citrusy, it’s a wine perfectly suited for Southwest Florida.

Because these three Italians are brand new to the area, you may have to ask your favorite restaurant or retailer to carry them for you. Unfiltered Unfined Wines is a local company; our corporate office and wine warehouse are in Fort Myers so your request should be easy to fill. We take great pride in finding quality small production wines from all over the world and getting them into your hands. Cheers!