Cleaning Up Your Curb Appeal With Window Genie

One-Stop Shop for Homeowners

With the rainy season complete and the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to shake off the dust—on your home. To help you get those hard to reach spots like windows and gutters, Window Genie has opened its doors in Southwest Florida and the business is ready to serve.

Daniel Anisz owns the local franchise that he describes as, “A one-stop shop for many homeowners’ needs- from pressure cleaning driveways and siding to soft washing roofs, as well as applying a variety of window films. We can help with all of that and more.”

Even better, he says, “We can handle four or five services in one day so that when the owner returns home from work, it looks completely different from when they left in the morning.”

The best part of the experience for Daniel is, “Seeing people’s faces when their homes look tremendously cleaner, whether it’s the windows they can now see through or seeing the natural color of their roofs again.”

A Little Bit of Everything

While Window Genie is perhaps best known for window cleaning, their list of services provided is a long one, on top of the jobs already mentioned, includes clearing out gutters, pressure washing patios, screened cages, and more.

For years the Punta Gorda native worked in operations at the head office of a large commercial landscape and maintenance franchise in Toronto, Canada. He says, “I did a little bit of everything and it gave me an understanding of business as well as the benefits of owning a franchise.”

Ready for warm weather and a better quality of life, Daniel returned to Southwest Florida this year with his wife, Charlene, and their daughters, Hailey and Sloan. “We both had good jobs, but we wanted to own our own business and grow something here; have our own legacy.”

Seasonal Service

A fun, seasonal service that Window Genie is currently providing, has nothing to do with cleaning but with lighting. Daniel and his crew will custom design and install your outdoor Christmas lights.

“Every year you open a box and spend an hour untangling the lights. Then another hour properly arranging the cords. Finally, you pull out the ladder and yell at your husband,” laughing, he continues, “We make all of that go away.”

Working within your budget, Window Genie measures your space, designs your light set up, and installs them. When the holidays are over, technicians will remove the lights, store them, and keep them for the following year. If you can no longer hang your own lights, don’t have the time to do it, or simply don’t want to do it but still want to express your holiday spirit, this is a perfect service for you.

And if you have it done before November 15th, Window Genie will give you a 10% discount. Even though they are up early, you can turn the lights on whenever you want. Loyalty programs are also in place if you use the service again next year.

Daniel Anisz and FamilyGiving Back to the Community

Not just for the holiday season, but all year long, Daniel believes in giving back to the community. “As a small business I can’t write big checks, but I can help a veteran, a family, or someone in need, whether it is help with their driveway or roof.” He praises his four technicians for giving back with their time and talent along with their expertise and customer service: Austin, Justin, Derek and Will.

With more than 20 years of customer service under his belt, Daniel says, “I want to build relationships with Southwest Florida residents, I don’t want to do a one- time cleaning service. I want them to know that whenever they need something done, they don’t even have to think of calling someone else because they are confident that we will take care of them.”

Before your friends and family descend for the holidays and before the snowbirds return and fill the appointment books; call Window Genie to clean the film off your windows, driveway, and roof, clear the dirt and leaves from your gutters, and freshen up the appearance and function of your home.


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