ApothiCare 360

ApothiCare 360

Welcome to ApothiCare 360. More than just a pharmacy.

More Experts. More Services. Renewed Health.

When our pharmacy opened it’s doors in 2014 our name was PharmiCare, and our mission was to help our patients Live Better.  We provided a higher level of personal service, treating our patients like a neighbor, not a number. Our core services focused on traditional prescriptions and compounding. But as we grew, we learned that our community needed more than just a traditional pharmacy.

Fast forward to today and we are undergoing a transformation of becoming much more than just a pharmacy; we have become the destination for healthy living.

Our pharmacy has expanded our services to include the healthier lifestyle, focusing only on Non-GMO products, the highest quality Natural & Homeopathic Medicines, Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins & Supplements, Athletic Nutrients & Proteins, Essential Oils, and Health Screenings with treatments that can renew your health.

We felt that the name PharmiCare just didn’t represent who we are and what we do for our patients. That’s why in January 2016 we changed to ApothiCare 360. The term Apothecary focuses on making custom medications and using more natural products and approaches when treating patients, and 360 generally means a complete circle. ApothiCare 360 represents the backbone of an Apothecary – compounding and natural medicine, with enhanced products and services to complete a full circle (360 degrees) of care for our patients.

We want to assure all of our patients and physicians that you will continue to see the same staff you have gotten to know over the past two years. Our name change does not affect any ownership or staff changes whatsoever.

Traditional Pharmacy Services

We can fill all of your medication needs and take mostly all insurances. We have very competitive prices and usually are much cheaper than the big box stores! We also will deliver your medications, for free and offer medication management and discharge services for patients who need a full circle of care.


We are completing a new state of the art compounding lab to comply with the latest pharmacy regulations. When finished, your compounds will be made in a facility like no other, with the highest quality products and a highly trained staff to produce the safest and most superior compounds for our patients.

A more Natural Approach to Your Health

We emphasize renewing our patients health through methods that encourage the self-healing process. Hormone and nutritional status are the vital foundation of health and performance. Feeling rundown, need more energy? We offer natural health screenings and therapies to renew your health. Micronutrient, Hormone, Cardio-Metabolic, and Telomere testing, Vitamin Infusions and Injections, Nutritional Consults, and weekly Health Education Seminars that can set you on your path to a renewed lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness

And finally, as another example of our full circle of care, we are expanding into the corporate wellness arena. ApothiCare 360 is partnering with local, regional, and national companies to help their employees achieve higher levels of wellness in the workplace.