ApothiCare 360

ApothiCare 360

Welcome to ApothiCare 360. More than just a pharmacy.

Apothicare 360 prides itself on being more than just a typical pharmacy. In addition to doctor-prescribed and over-the-counter medications, Apothicare 360 is an integrative compounding pharmacy, meaning it creates customized pharmaceutical preparations to meet the unique needs of patients who have not found relief with commercial medicines. Their focus is on healthier lifestyles and alternative treatment options, as well as its 360 degrees of patient care.

A Pharmacy Like No Other

We are completing a new state of the art compounding lab to comply with the latest pharmacy regulations. When finished, your compounds will be made in a facility like no other, with the highest quality products and a highly trained staff to produce the safest and most superior compounds for our patients.

Come Meet your Pharmacists and Owners Joe and Deanna Catalano

ApothiCare 360 is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Joe and Deanna Catalano. Both graduates of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, each have 24+ years of experience working in the pharmacy profession.

After serving in the retail and hospital communities for a number of years, they came upon a wonderful opportunity to own their own pharmacy. On January 1, 2018, they became the owners of ApothiCare360.

Along with their knowledgeable staff and colleagues, Joe and Deanna want to change the way people see pharmacy today. They are bringing change to the community by helping their patients and others achieve happier and healthier lives. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff work with each patient individually making recommendations that are customized to the patient’s needs.

Visit ApothiCare 360 and meet Joe and Deanna. It’s not just a pharmacy, it’s a healthier way of life.


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